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Content Starts A Poem About Scorpions

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Mechanic here. Listen, y’all. I think it’s important that we take time to acknowledge that some of our fears about others are unfounded, and frankly, unfair. I think man’s fear of scorpions is a great example. I’m a great rhymer and am gooder than just about anyone I know when it comes to usin’ words right. Here ya go:

A scorpion is not a friend
Says every girl and boy
Because it has a stingy tail
It’s likely to deploy

Shut up kids and listen up
That stinger’s not for you
It’s there to help ’em get their food
And help protect ’em too

But Mac, they say, in loud protest
It looks so grim and mean
A spider from a scary sphere
Disgusting and obscene

You stupid kids, I’ll tell you what
They think yer ugly too
fleshy blobs of blood and guts
with terrible hairdos

Okay, the kids say, Mac is right
And we are very wrong
And now we love the scorpions
And Mac is very strong

I hope you find this poem helpful, my friends. Remember. Scorpions aren’t out to get ya. They’re actually very kind and like to keep to themselves. Just watch where you sit, friend!

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