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Content Starts Chapter 11 Part 1 is Out!

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Y’all, it’s been a while since we had a new episode. Since February 20th to be exact

Things on the Astral Plane are less than copasetic. An impending battle, a Mechanic aching to find purpose, Shirley and the Old Attendant lost somewhere out there in the Celestial Spheres.

Okay, First: This episode is huge! (by Desert Skies Standards. Longest episode yet) It’s jam packed with satisfying backstory, newstory, revelations, realizations, etcetera…etcetera!

Second: I’m trying something new. Minisodes for patron shout-outs. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear it. Even if you’re not a patron, you’ll enjoy it

Third: Right now, become a Patron and you’ll get Chapter 11 Part 2 this Friday, June 16th. For everyone else, June 26th. 10 days early!

Four: Become a Patron in the month of June (Or if you’re already a Patron, upgrade to the next tier of membership) and you’re gonna get this exclusive Desert Skies sticker:

I also made a commercial for the sticker that plays at the beginning of this episode. It makes me laugh

Much love to all of you who listen to and enjoy the show! Hope you love the next episode!

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  • I LOVED the shout-out minisode at the end! I had already listened to the full episode on patreon but listened again because I wanted to and to hear it. So clever and cool hearing my name! Thank you!

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