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My name is Jared Carter and I write, produce, and voice every character in Desert Skies. I grew up in Arizona in a place that very much serves as the inspiration for the Desert Sphere, and I’ve spent much of my life in the presence of men who sounded like Mac.

Desert Skies isn’t so much a story about death, or the next life. Not really. Those are just the vehicle for a story about the decisions we make and the things we experience in life. More pointedly, how we come to terms with them. It’s also a story about unlikely friendships among those existing on the fringe of normal, one of my favorite places to be.

Thank you for listening. When I think of someone out there being moved to laugh or cry over these characters who mean so much to me, it brightens my day.

I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at

Also, I think I’d be a biscuit and gravy burrito.