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Content Starts Getting to know the Astral Plane

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There are three known planes of existence (The Physical, The Astral, and…whatever the Third One is).

The Astral Plane exists between The Physical plane and the Third One. Death in the Physical Plane leads to your existence transferring to the Astral Plane.

The Astral Plane contains thirty-three Spheres, beginning with the center Sphere (Desert) with each subsequent Sphere encircling the one before it. Think of a circle, within a circle, within a circle, within….

Each Sphere is moved by incredibly powerful Celestial Beings, known as Sphere Movers, one assigned to each Sphere. Very little is known about these Sphere Movers, except that they are routinely classified as either malevolent or benevolent. Also, that the mover of the thirty-third Sphere, guardian of the gate to the next plane, is known as “Prime Mover”. This being is leader of all other Sphere Movers, and emissary of an elite group of beings known as “The Superiors”. It is unknown if this being is benevolent or malevolent.

The Astral Plane is filled with wonders unknown, and fraught with dangers aplenty. Fortunately for travelers, these wonders can be enjoyed and these dangers avoided by adhering to a few simple rules as passed down to us by “The Superiors”.

First, with the exception of the landmarks listed in the Official Astral Plane RoadMapâ„¢, always stay on the Astral Highway. Examples of sites that can always be visited are rest areas and communication stations, but there’s a few other spots of interest along the way. Maps can be acquired when visiting Desert Skies Astral Plane Fuel and Service Station.

Second, keep your radio on and tuned to Desert Skies FM. Incoming messages from the Attendant of Desert Skies are occasionally transmitted and contain helpful information regarding your journey.

Third, do not stop for Sphere Movers. Due to the difficulty in ascertaining the classification of their nature (malevolent or benevolent), stopping can prove troublesome. For instance, reports have surfaced that a particularly devious malevolent being has been stopping travelers to discuss the specifics of Physical Plane board games.

Fourth, vehicles are equipped with enough fuel for the journey and multiple stops, but is not sufficient for returning to Desert Skies. Do not attempt to return to Desert Skies.

There’s far more that can be shared about the Astral Plane, and quite a bit that is yet to be discovered. That said, stick to the four rules above and you should arrive at your destination without issue.

Safe Travels!

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