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Content Starts Desert Skies News and Updates – Mar, 6th 2023

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Stranger Than Fiction

So, let’s start with the weird stuff first

Clifford at the Pump

Yesterday my mom sent me this photo. Turns out that my great-grandfather owned a gas station (one nearly identical to Desert Skies) in a small town in Arizona. Coincidence? Ordained by the Superiors? You decide.

Where the Show is Headed

Want to know what keeps me up at night? 2 episodes remaining this season. I plan to release Chapter 11 the sometime the week of the 13th, and the season finale the first week of April. The releases are a little more spaced out than I originally intended but I really want these last two episodes to reflect the way I see them in my mind. Expect the season finale to be a little longer.

After that, the plan is to take 2-3 months before the launch of Season 2. During that time, you can subscribe to the Patreon for bonus episodes and chapters from the Desert Skies book.

A Couple Wins

Speaking of Patreon, we’re up to 45 patrons now! I’m actually not in the red on production costs for the first time and that’s definitely worth celebrating.

And last week, Desert Skies placed in the top #100 fiction podcasts globally according to Chartable. Mind = Blown

Thank you all so much for your continued support of the show! Looking forward to where the future takes us

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