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Dear Fans, Friends, and Foes (Seriously, if you’re my foe, why? I love you, friend. Let’s drop the quarrel)

The Show is Back…

…which begs the question, where did the show go? Welp, a little backstory. When I first created Desert Skies it was meant to take place during a 6-month break from my career. I didn’t finish the first season in that time and had to return to operational leadership (exactly as boring as it sounds) in a startup. That didn’t last long. The show had already ruined that part of me. My heart belonged to Desert Skies.

Like many of us do, I kept telling myself that I would get back to it tomorrow. I’d write that next episode as soon as I was in the right headspace. Yada Yada Yada.

Part of the reason I struggled with it is I really didn’t have a plan for how I’d make real life money. I was just delaying the inevitable, maybe still am. I had never planned to make anything from Desert Skies. When I started I didn’t need it, and I never wanted to exclude anyone from anything. But the reality started dawning on me. If I didn’t find a way to monetize the show there was no way I could continue making it. Each episode can take anywhere from 40-60 hours, sometimes more. They can be emotionally draining at times depending on subject matter (This is my personal therapy experiment if you haven’t figured that out yet). It’s just a lot of work.

This all coincided with something I hadn’t expected. Though I’d stopped publishing new episodes, and stopped marketing the show, it started growing quickly. When I published the last episode October 31st, Desert Skies had 8,000 downloads. That number had grown to 45,000 by January. It’s now averaging about 1,000 downloads a day and unless something changes, that’s going to continue growing. I’ve been in a constant state of shock, wonder, and total disbelief.

So I bit the bullet…

…and started a Patreon. I have to tell you, it took a lot to overcome the guilt of not just making the show for the love of making the show. I never wanted DS to be my work, until I realized that DS was already my work and that it was not only okay to make money from it, but the only thing that made sense. I realized I could keep the main show free, and my hope and prayer is free from product advertising, and still monetize.

And since launching the Patreon just five days ago, the amount of support being thrown the show’s way is helping me realize this was a good decision. The right one. 29 patrons at the moment of writing this and more being added everyday (If you’re one of those 29. I see you. I thank you. You’re making this happen). My goal is to replace my regular income by May 1st. That sounds audacious but I’m ridiculously, perhaps dangerously, optimistic.

And while Patreon isn’t meant to be purely transactional, it’s my intention to provide these very special fans with a damn fine return on investment. The Patreon exclusive episode I released yesterday will hopefully back up that statement.

And of course I fault no one for not supporting the show financially right now. Times are tough for many of us, and I hope you know I appreciate you just for taking the time to listen.

Now, turning our attention…

…to what’s next. We’re still mid-season 1 and the intention is to wrap up this season in the next 4-6 episodes (Good golly I can’t wait for you to hear the season finale) then take a very short break and jump into season 2. Guys, I’m lovin’ it. The more I make Desert Skies the more excited I get to expand the world and lore of it. From what I’m hearing, many of you are loving it too. What more could a guy ask for? I feel like I won the stinkin’ life lottery.

I’m also in the process of writing a novelization of season 1 that will bring so much additional story and richness to the main plot. Thoughts and prayers please. I’ve never written a book before, but like podcasting, I have this weird feeling that maybe I can do it. As long as no one tells me otherwise I can write off shear gumption. Aiming to have that completed this year.

Once I have a little more moolah to reinvest back into the show, I’d like to open a store on the website with some fun merch. I love when people share their merchandise ideas with me, so make sure to reach out at if you have some thoughts you’d like to share.

If you reached the end of this blog, you rock. Way to have a fantastic attention span.

Much love from the Astral Plane,

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