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Chapter 11 Part 1 is Out!

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Y’all, it’s been a while since we had a new episode. Since February 20th to be exact Things on the Astral Plane are less than copasetic. An impending battle, a Mechanic aching to find purpose, Shirley and the Old Attendant lost somewhere out there in the Celestial Spheres. Okay, First:... Read More

Desert Skies News and Updates – Mar, 6th 2023

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Stranger Than Fiction So, let’s start with the weird stuff first Yesterday my mom sent me this photo. Turns out that my great-grandfather owned a gas station (one nearly identical to Desert Skies) in a small town in Arizona. Coincidence? Ordained by the Superiors? You decide. Where the Show is... Read More

Desert Skies News and Updates

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Dear Fans, Friends, and Foes (Seriously, if you’re my foe, why? I love you, friend. Let’s drop the quarrel) The Show is Back… …which begs the question, where did the show go? Welp, a little backstory. When I first created Desert Skies it was meant to take place during a... Read More