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DO NOT STOP FOR SPHERE MOVERS! DO NOT LET THE COYOTE STEAL YOUR CAR! DO be sure to grab one of your road trip favorites inside the station!

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Greetings, Traveler!

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We’re so glad you’re here. Desert Skies is an Astral Plane Fuel and Service Station dedicated to providing those new to this side of existence with the provisions needed to make their journey safe, simple, and memorable. You’ll have everything you could possibly need when you embark across the .... Read More

Reflections On Our Screaming Ice Dispenser

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Greetings, traveler! It’s one of the most interesting things you’ll encounter at Desert Skies: Our screaming ice machine. Definitely not something most visitors are prepared for, and it can result in feelings of fear, anxiety, and even guilt. Listen. As best we can tell, the ice is not actually feeling... Read More

Station Report #5,342,618

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Temperature: 78 degrees (like it always is, unless Corson visits) UV Index: 0 Wind: No (like it always is, unless Corson visits) Number of Visitors Since Last Report: 10,003 Supplies Needed: 2 Cases of Teraseraphic Soda, 1 Case of Bugles, 4 Lawrence and Debbie’s Chicken and Waffles stuffed, 6 David’s... Read More

Please be careful what you feed the coyotes

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Listen, feeding the coyotes is not strictly prohibited, but for the love of all things holy DO NOT GIVE THE COYOTES PICKLED PIGS FEET! As we’ve warned travelers on several occasions, pickled pigs feet have been known to induce devastating degrees of sadness. While this may provide a therapeutic effect... Read More

Chapter 11 Part 1 is Out!

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Y’all, it’s been a while since we had a new episode. Since February 20th to be exact Things on the Astral Plane are less than copasetic. An impending battle, a Mechanic aching to find purpose, Shirley and the Old Attendant lost somewhere out there in the Celestial Spheres. Okay, First:... Read More

Attention Travelers: Three Product Recalls

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Greetings Travelers, This is the Attendant. I really hope you’ve stopped at one of our communication stations and are reading this, otherwise I’m writing in vain. I wanted to make you aware of some products that we’ve recently discovered may not be safe to consume or have near your person.... Read More

Desert Skies News and Updates – Mar, 6th 2023

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Stranger Than Fiction So, let’s start with the weird stuff first Yesterday my mom sent me this photo. Turns out that my great-grandfather owned a gas station (one nearly identical to Desert Skies) in a small town in Arizona. Coincidence? Ordained by the Superiors? You decide. Where the Show is... Read More

A Poem About Scorpions

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Mechanic here. Listen, y’all. I think it’s important that we take time to acknowledge that some of our fears about others are unfounded, and frankly, unfair. I think man’s fear of scorpions is a great example. I’m a great rhymer and am gooder than just about anyone I know when... Read More

Desert Skies News and Updates

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Dear Fans, Friends, and Foes (Seriously, if you’re my foe, why? I love you, friend. Let’s drop the quarrel) The Show is Back… …which begs the question, where did the show go? Welp, a little backstory. When I first created Desert Skies it was meant to take place during a... Read More