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Content Starts Reflections On Our Screaming Ice Dispenser

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Greetings, traveler!

It’s one of the most interesting things you’ll encounter at Desert Skies: Our screaming ice machine. Definitely not something most visitors are prepared for, and it can result in feelings of fear, anxiety, and even guilt.

Listen. As best we can tell, the ice is not actually feeling pain. We’re basing this on a couple things. First, C.A.S.H. says that due to the chemical composition of ice, it’s physically impossible for the cubes to contain a central nervous system. Second, the screams the machine makes are always, and I repeat ALWAYS, the exact same sound.

So, what is it that’s causing this super strange weird thing to happen? Honestly. No clue. Like so many things at the station that seem out of the ordinary, we simply have no reasonable explanation that a traveler would find satisfactory.

Look, if it really bothers you, there’s two settings on the ice dispenser. Regular and crushed. I bet you can guess which one causes the ice to scream. And if you really don’t want to risk it, we have plenty of bottled refreshments in the soda cooler.

While I have your attention, I’d like you to know that we now have microwave popcorn available. Please stay near the microwave and listen for the sound of popping to slow down. Burnt popcorn is a smell that lingers for a long time and really makes a traveler’s visit unpleasant. But also, in the event of a fire, we have no fire department. Your mindfulness is appreciated!

Safe travels

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