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Ritchie from CA
Hello there. I recently discovered your little podcast and caught up. I wanted to know, do animals cross the astral plane the same way humans do? My dog,Dino,he would have been 8 this September had to be laid to rest about 3 weeks ago due to health complications. My family and I, along with my other two dogs have mourned and cried about his abrupt departion. I just need some kind words and this podcast has helped me with dealing with the concept of death. (I'm crying as I write this haha.) Umm well yeah, I love this podcast, it's very charming ๐Ÿ™‚ 🐕❤️
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
I am so sorry for the loss of Dino. If I were to guess, I'd say that a traveler freshly arriving at Desert Skies heard the sound of barking coming from the trunk. Dino, being the smart and adventurous guy he is had found a way to hitch a ride into the human side of the Astral Plane. Of course, this is extremely exciting for Mac who has a soft spot for animals and is able to commune with most. He goes for a walk with Dino and listens to him talk about his life with you and your family back on the physical plane. He's sad, but his spirit is lifted as he and Mac chase after lizards (which of course, the lizards enjoy. Things can get a little stagnant in the Desert Sphere and being chased is fun.) When it's time to go, Dino rides in the front seat with the traveler he'd arrived with, one who had spent the better part of their last years living alone. They're both happy to have eachothers company, and on their journey across the celestial spheres they have many adventures and experience wonderous things that we can't begin to conceive. For Dino it's especially special because here, he's able to see the vibrant colors he'd not known on the Physical plane. And at the end of their journey, Dino thinks of his family, and he's thankful, and he's content. He had a good life and he's ready for whatever comes next
Sara from NY
Found the podcast this morning, and was hooked straight away. I also may have caught up on all the episodes this morning as well 😅. Itโ€™s an incredibly well written and produced show, and Iโ€™m loving the unique concept and characters. I mean who wouldnโ€™t love a coyote/powerful being that may or may not know how to drive. Iโ€™m looking forward to future episodes!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So glad that you enjoyed it! Looking forward to bringing you new episodes soon!
Maria from North Carolina
Hello there! This is such a lovely podcast. I found it just recently and have already listened to it twice! And Desert Skies FM has brought me joy after mourning the fact that I finished all the episodes already. The characters are awesome, the atmosphere is really chill, and the world building isn't overly complicated yet interesting. I think I might stick around for a while and see what's next :))
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So glad you're enjoying the show and thank you for all the kind words!
Anna from England
I've only just found this podcast (April 2023) and woooooow. It's just. SO GOOD. The quality, the characters, the writing, the plotlines, the emotional depth... What more can you ask of a podcast, really? It ticks every box I have and may have added a few more. I can't wait for the next episodes and the book!!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thanks for the kind words, friend! So glad you're enjoying the show
Cloud from Olympia WA
hey Jared! I discovered your podcast after I had a massive scare on the highway. I played the first chapter without realizing that it was about traversing the astral plane on a highway, what a coincidence! I fell in love with Mac almost immediately. The rock labyrinth and Freddie's chapter especially touched my heart, and made me tear up. I can't wait for more! Today I was having a particularly hard day at work and listening to DSFM really brought my spirits back up, this weary soul will definitely be resting easier You're doing awesome my dude! Keep it up!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So glad to hear you're okay after that massive scare! and thanks for the kind words. I'm really glad that you're enjoying the show and that it's lifting your spirits. More to come soon!
Joss Lumens from Paso Robles CA
Greeting Jarred Thak you for this great set of characters and fun stories. I enjoy Desert Skies on my morning walks, no headphones though just the outdoors, Tendy, Mac, CASH and the travellers - I always have a couple laughs, many smiles and some introspection. I love the music. Just finished episode 6 in season 1 and want to watch Fargo tonight! Enjoy -Joss
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thank you so much, Josh! I'm glad you're enjoying it
Rad from NY
I just binged everything possible as of Feb. 2023 and I cannot wait for whatever comes next! The only bad thing about this podcast is I crave burritos when I listen and I don't even have anywhere to get any ๐Ÿ™ I will still continue listening though it pains me to not have burritos. I hope one day I will be able to simultaneously listen and eat a burrito but until that day...
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
I hope you get yourself some burritos soon!
Alex from Pueblo CO
Iโ€™ve only recently discovered this podcast, and havenโ€™t fully caught up yet, but I adore this show so much! Iโ€™m not great with names but the board game liking one reminds of a different character and I canโ€™t place my finger on it. Where they based on anyone? Please help itโ€™s 6:00 am and I canโ€™t stop thinking about this. I might just enter the astral plain and meet Tendee and Mac myself if I canโ€™t figure it out. Also, because Iโ€™ve been overthinking this, and because it would relate to me, what would happen if for whatever reason a traveler couldnโ€™t drive? In my case Iโ€™m thinking about it from a blind persons point of view. Iโ€™m blind since birth and have never been, and will never be able to drive. How would Mac and Tendee handle a situation like that?
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thanks so much for taking the time to write in! I'm not certain who Corson was inspired by but likely some mix of Bill Nighy and Johnny Depps terrible British/drunk talk. A number of characters voices are inspired by people I know in real life. Mac's voice is actually based on someone I know named Mac. As for your question about drivers, it's the one I get asked the most surprisingly, but that may play a part in a future episode so keep listening to find out! Thanks again for signing the guestbook!
AL from Denver
Just discovered the madness of this Podcast and ITS AMAZING! Thanks for providing a cozy haven in the desert! 🌜
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So glad you're enjoying it!
Ashley H from San Antonio
I just found Desert Skies and have already listened through it twice! I love everything about it- the characters, the world you've created, the story. I hope you continue on with the story. It's touched my heart in such an incredible way. Thank you for sharing Desert Skies with us. ❤
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thank you so much, Ashley! Love that you're enjoying the show and more is on its way February 6th.
Jeremy from Salem
An absolutely fantastic show, and just look at this cool website! If you haven't already, go and listen. It'll only encourage Jared to make more!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
"If you listen, he'll record....."
Charles from Seattle
Signing the Guestbook as CASH requested! I have now consumed all available content to date (Jan 2023, physical plane). I am oddly hungry for a microwavable burrito, and more episodes! I am totally stoked about the return this February! Question(s) for Jared "The ENTIRE Cast" Carter: 1) While you likely sound most like Tendee IRL, do you more closely align with any of the other lovable characters from this universe? I assume you are a mix of them all, but as I listen and hear you speak directly to the audience as yourself, I got to wondering about this question... I like to think that everyone should strive to have the heart of Mac. Who, I have to say, currently is my favorite. 2) Is it just a coincidence that there are "34 varieties of microwavable burritos" and "33 spheres you must cross before reaching the next plane of existence"? For a while I was thinking that the burritos had some kind of strong correlation to the spheres...hmm... 3) Is it possible, sometime in the future if you could write up or have a special episode where you talk through the process of creating an episode (even one of the mini-FM sized ones)... It is fascinating to me how you voice all the characters, singing, laughing, always staying in character. I assume a lot of editing, but I have been wondering if you attempt to do some of them in one take, or do you record all of one character's dialog, then another's then do the mixing? 4) Will you still be uploading Desert Skies FM episodes? Even if not your originally planned breakneck pace, they are so good. I love the "Rest your weary soul" segments. Nothing gives me a pick-me-up like Mac's calculated ramblings. Oh, and any time CASH is asked to play "contemplative" music. ๐Ÿ˜€ 5) Not so much a question, but more of a merch request - Disposable Bibs with the Desert Skies Logo on them! See you Astral Side, Traveler! -@thanosrules (a Pancakes and Bacon Burrito)
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So many great question. I'll try to honor them all with a decent answer. 1) I think Tendy is definitely closest to my personality. I feel the need to control things but I genuinely care about people. There's definitely elements of me in most characters. I have a childish wonder about things like Mac, but not his positive disposition, and I think about purpose a lot. 2) No real connection between the 33 and 34. I will say that I love odd numbers, so I knew I wanted the burrito count to go from an even number to an odd number in the first episode, so 34 - 35. 3) I would love to help other creators who are interested in learning. And I always record the voices on separate tracks and then do the mixing. 4) Definitely bringing those back in February. I love making them 5) Heck yeah! and pancake and bacon burrito sounds pretty great
Existentially exhausted E from Somewhere
Hi just wanted to say I love the podcast, it has the same energy as some of my other favorites like midnight burger, inco, or Night Shift(in the beginning ofc the rest is way too stressful to be related to this calm masterpiece). I canโ€™t wait to see how this goes. It is so helpful for actually getting out of bed and being a helpful of society and Iโ€™m so greatful you guys are making this in just my sense of humor. Have a great day, safe travels on the Astral highway :>
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thank you so much for the kind words! You absolutely made my day! - Jared
Brandon Locke from Philadelphia
The podcast has been great! I just finished episode 3 and am enjoying the mystery about the previous attendant.
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Really glad you're enjoying the show! Thanks for taking the time to sign the guestbook
Jan Welch from Longview Wa.
Just found out about your podcast and live it. Is there ones for Nov. and Dec. 2022? That's for All of your Podcasts.
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Hey there! No new episodes for Nov or Dec, but Chapter 9 is currently in production
Griffin Tyger from Springfield Missouri
Found this podcast by accident but it has become a personal favorite and I cannot wait for more episodes!
Nate Catlett from Cincinnati
Absolutely love the show! Amazing writing and voice acting
Jayde from Utah
Love the podcast and excited to listen to whatโ€™s next!!
Sara Larsson from Stockholm
This is so how I like to imagine the afterlife! Absolutely terrific podcast. It's imaginative and original, with great voice acting. It's funny and intriguing and sometimes a bit sad. I'm so in love with this podcast, I hope it never ends.
PJ from South of Boston
A fave Audio Drama! With its Premise, it could go on forever with whoever shows up to the Station each episode. I was REALLY SHOCKED when I found out that you were doing ALL of the characters voices. Truly Amazing. The Characters are endearing! Always excited to see that the next show has dropped. Hear you soon 🙌🏆🤩