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Skips from Artesia CA
Mac and tendy were the broskis, left with a couple liters of shack juice 10/10 would reccomend
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
That shack juice, tho
Taylor from Paisley, Ontario, Canada, Physical Plane
I’m not sure what to say… I’m at chapter 4 and blown away! I’m a funeral director, and love this idea of the astral plane and spheres! The concept, writing and voice acting are excellent! Easily my favourite radio show/podcast right now! The Desert Skies FM is also a great addition! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at Desert Skies! P.S. I hope there is a vegan burrito!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thank you for difficult and important job that you do, and I'm so glad you're enjoying the show. We actually have three vegan options, and two are delicious. One is just full of pickles
gabriel from romania
your work is very beautiful. thank you.
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
I appreciate that, Gabriel!
Uriah Ross from Shelbyville TN
Hi there just wanted to say that I appreciated the service at Desert skies. They had my car going in a jiffy! I was on my way before I knew it and with an interesting burrito with my name on it. Can you believed that? Mothering has my name on it! Keep up the good work you guys are a big inspiration and a wonderful buisness thank you.
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Hi there! We're so glad you decided to drop by. We're always happy to assist new travelers and prepare them for the ride down the celestial spheres. And congrats on finding a burrito with your name on it. That can be hard to do sometimes! Safe travels, traveler
Franzi from Germany from Osnabrück
Hello there 🙂 I truly enjoyed my time at desert skys!I discovered the show two days ago and I already listened it two times. To sum it up, I had a blast. I Always try to find good fiction storys and Podcasts that I love, and I must say that your story is the perfect mix! I loved the jokes and the world building and the story. I also loved the relationship between Tendy and Mac, they're so cool! I laught and cryed with them and fully relished my time and I look forward to the next season 😊 Greetings across the Pond, Franzi🌈
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So glad you found the show! And thanks for taking the time to sign the guestbook with such a kind review!
Teya from Louisiana
Hello! I have been in fiction podcast hell for a while now and Desert Skies was the podcast that really sealed me in there (This is a good thing btw!). Its just so nice to listen to and the vibes are all there. The sound scaping and voice acting work in incredible! I am preparing myself to listen to the last episode of season 1 now. I just wanted to say that I loved listening to this podcast and going through the episodes. You made an amazing story.
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Wow! Such kind words! Thanks, friend. It means a lot. Truly Also, muahahahahaha. You're trapped in audio drama hell forever! (The best kind of hell to get trapped in)
kels from philly
the fog. the fog is coming. great podcast tho
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
I must release the next episode soon then
Noah from Cedar Rapids, IA, US
I have tried to get into podcasts for years and was never able to do it. I stumbled across Desert Skies while looking for something to listen to so I could fall asleep. Wrong choice. This story got me into podcasts as a whole and I have now listened to every episode three times. What a journey to experience! Thank you to the Attendant and the Mechanic and I am so excited to see where the story goes from here!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Holy crap! Three times??? I'm going to make you write the Desert Skies encyclopedia because you're going to be so well-versed in DS lore. I'm thrilled that you're on this journey with us. Excited to have you listening
Isabella from Newark, DE
Thank you so much for doing what you do and putting your creative work into the world. Your pod cast recently helped me through a very difficult time. My uncle recently passed away and I could not bring my self to attend the funeral. My family is not understanding that people grieve in different ways and guilted me about not going. This sent me spiraling and made the grieving process much harder. That is until I found your show. In a very dark time your show brought me a sense of calm and reassurance. I found my self imagining my uncle making jokes at the Attendant and chatting about cars with the Mechanic. So thank you for sharing what you do and I wait to hear the rest of the story.
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Hi Isabella. The death of someone we love is such a hard and impacting thing that it would be unreasonable to expect everyone to deal with it the same way. Grief is so messy. I'm sorry for your loss and I'm certain Mac would love talking to your uncle about cars for hours and hours on end. Tendy would probably be bored out of his mind 😄 I'm so glad the show has meant so much to you and helped you through a difficult time. Thanks for sharing some of your story with me
Archer from Kansas City
It's me again. I'm just checking in to say that I have just caught up and cannot wait for more. Thank you
Archer from Kansas City
I just finished the first episode and I cannot stop smiling. This podcast is so much more than I expected and I won't stop listening!!! Thank you to the cast and crew for this
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thanks for taking a chance on Desert Skies! You're in for a ride
Joel from Tucson, AZ
I laughed, I cried, and I was inspired. In a world of so much cynicism, it's almost expected that your story should be in some way dark or nihilistic. Desert Skies takes concepts as serious as death and loss, and is simultaneously able to treat them with seriousness, optimism, and good humor. Each vignette portrays the struggles of a soul coming to terms with their own mortality and the personal mental struggles borne out of their lives on Earth. Our plucky heroes gently, and sometimes not so gently, help these travelers shake themselves loose of the negative perspectives that have bound them their whole lives, so that they can move into the next life free of their burdens. Listening to Mac the mechanic and Tendy the station attendant counseling these weary souls made me wish that I too could join the crew at Desert Skies gas station. Their stories of self-discovery have caused me to reflect on my own life and helped me to remember who I am as well. It has reminded me that gentleness, kindness, and courage are still alive and well, and that new friends are just a gas station away.
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Joel, it means so much to me that the show means so much to you. Because it means a lot to me too. Thanks for all of your kind words and high praise
Juno from DeKalb
This has very quickly become my comfort podcast of choice. I also desperately want Mac to release his recipe for Mac's Shack juice.
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
I'm so glad you're enjoying it! And were that recipe to ever make it into the Physical Plane, it could be the end of civilization as we know it
Karol from Ystad
Yo! What a wonderful podcast, makes the time spent watering the garden really comfy. I really liked the message of ep-5, as being on my headphones almost 24/7 it made reflect on and appriciate the quiet more (still gotta work on being in the moment tough haha but im more mindful now!). Keep at it, and can't wait for more episodes 😃
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thank you, friend! So glad you're enjoying it. And I'm glad to hear the message of that episode hit home with you. We can all use a little more quiet
Ritchie from CA
Hello there. I recently discovered your little podcast and caught up. I wanted to know, do animals cross the astral plane the same way humans do? My dog,Dino,he would have been 8 this September had to be laid to rest about 3 weeks ago due to health complications. My family and I, along with my other two dogs have mourned and cried about his abrupt departion. I just need some kind words and this podcast has helped me with dealing with the concept of death. (I'm crying as I write this haha.) Umm well yeah, I love this podcast, it's very charming 🙂 🐕❤️
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
I am so sorry for the loss of Dino. If I were to guess, I'd say that a traveler freshly arriving at Desert Skies heard the sound of barking coming from the trunk. Dino, being the smart and adventurous guy he is had found a way to hitch a ride into the human side of the Astral Plane. Of course, this is extremely exciting for Mac who has a soft spot for animals and is able to commune with most. He goes for a walk with Dino and listens to him talk about his life with you and your family back on the physical plane. He's sad, but his spirit is lifted as he and Mac chase after lizards (which of course, the lizards enjoy. Things can get a little stagnant in the Desert Sphere and being chased is fun.) When it's time to go, Dino rides in the front seat with the traveler he'd arrived with, one who had spent the better part of their last years living alone. They're both happy to have eachothers company, and on their journey across the celestial spheres they have many adventures and experience wonderous things that we can't begin to conceive. For Dino it's especially special because here, he's able to see the vibrant colors he'd not known on the Physical plane. And at the end of their journey, Dino thinks of his family, and he's thankful, and he's content. He had a good life and he's ready for whatever comes next
Sara from NY
Found the podcast this morning, and was hooked straight away. I also may have caught up on all the episodes this morning as well 😅. It’s an incredibly well written and produced show, and I’m loving the unique concept and characters. I mean who wouldn’t love a coyote/powerful being that may or may not know how to drive. I’m looking forward to future episodes!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So glad that you enjoyed it! Looking forward to bringing you new episodes soon!
Maria from North Carolina
Hello there! This is such a lovely podcast. I found it just recently and have already listened to it twice! And Desert Skies FM has brought me joy after mourning the fact that I finished all the episodes already. The characters are awesome, the atmosphere is really chill, and the world building isn't overly complicated yet interesting. I think I might stick around for a while and see what's next :))
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So glad you're enjoying the show and thank you for all the kind words!
Anna from England
I've only just found this podcast (April 2023) and woooooow. It's just. SO GOOD. The quality, the characters, the writing, the plotlines, the emotional depth... What more can you ask of a podcast, really? It ticks every box I have and may have added a few more. I can't wait for the next episodes and the book!!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thanks for the kind words, friend! So glad you're enjoying the show
Cloud from Olympia WA
hey Jared! I discovered your podcast after I had a massive scare on the highway. I played the first chapter without realizing that it was about traversing the astral plane on a highway, what a coincidence! I fell in love with Mac almost immediately. The rock labyrinth and Freddie's chapter especially touched my heart, and made me tear up. I can't wait for more! Today I was having a particularly hard day at work and listening to DSFM really brought my spirits back up, this weary soul will definitely be resting easier You're doing awesome my dude! Keep it up!
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
So glad to hear you're okay after that massive scare! and thanks for the kind words. I'm really glad that you're enjoying the show and that it's lifting your spirits. More to come soon!
Joss Lumens from Paso Robles CA
Greeting Jarred Thak you for this great set of characters and fun stories. I enjoy Desert Skies on my morning walks, no headphones though just the outdoors, Tendy, Mac, CASH and the travellers - I always have a couple laughs, many smiles and some introspection. I love the music. Just finished episode 6 in season 1 and want to watch Fargo tonight! Enjoy -Joss
Admin Reply by: The Attendant
Thank you so much, Josh! I'm glad you're enjoying it